Oakville Speed Skating Club Coaches

All our Club Coaches are  NCCP Certified Coaches and Speed Skating Canada/Ontario Speed Skating Certified Coaches. Our Coaches all have First Aid Certification and have completed Police Checks.

All our Club Coaches are truly dedicated to teaching and supporting our members through their Speed Skating Journey.

We are fortunate to have many of our Coaches with the highest level  being certified as a Competition to Development Coaches.

Many of our Coaches have years of experience in the Sport of Short Track Speed Skating. Many have skated when younger, participating in Competitions Nationally and Internationally.  They were highly ranked when younger in their respective age groups.  All thoroughly love the sport. Some of our Coaches coach in more than one group.

We also have Assistant Coaches who are members whose children participate in the sport and have Fundamental or Official Certification to Assist on Ice.  They provide very important assistance with distributing water, ice repair, track placement, etc.

Student Volunteer Coaches are Oakville Speed Skating members who assist with our Learn to Speed Skating/Beginner Program.  These are older teenagers who have years of speed skating experience.  They assist our LTS members with drills and technique.  These skaters are committed and volunteer weekly with our skaters.

Race Coaches:

Our two Race Coaches coach our Top/Elite Oakville Short Track Development Skaters.  They have developed skaters who have proceeded to go to many World Cups.  They have coached at several World Cup Competitions and have Coached many of our Club Members at National and International Competitions.

Coaches Matt and Emma O’Donnell –  2023 Speed Skating Ontario Coaches of the Year 

Oakville Short Track Racing Development Skaters:

We are very fortunate to have several Coaches committed to the Development of our Skaters who are in our Oakville Short Track Racing Development Program.  These Coaches not only have years of experience, but some keep their skills sharp by participating in our Adult Program and going to Competitions.


     Kelly Brennan                      Andrew Dempsey                    Lise Bouchard                        Dania Elsammak                             



      Kaiyu Feng                               Frank Feng                                  Thomas Hinton                              Tiger Song

     Mike Giannotti


Learn to Speed Skate/Beginner Program:

Our Learn to Speed Skating Coaches have many, many years of experience.  This is one of the most challenging Program to Coach as they have a wide variety of different ability levels, from members who have never skated to members with limited to some skating experience.


     Sigrid Zabel                         Sharon Devellis                             Paul Devellis                    

Adult/Older Teenager Program:

Our Club is fortunate to have a dedicated Program for our Adult/Teenagers.  Our Coaches who coach this program have been with our Club for many years and have a great comradery with our members.  They Coach members with little to no speed skating experience to seasoned speed skaters, keeping the program skill based and fun.


    Mike Brazier                             Paul Devellis


Club Executive:

Mark O'DonnellMark O’Donnell: Club President

Mark O’Donnell has been the Club’s President since its inception over 4 Decades ago. He has seen the Club grow from an extremely challenged and meager beginning to the vibrant and successful Club that our Members currently enjoy and have the benefit of. Originally, Mark was volunteered for the position, by someone pushing his chair forward from behind, and nominating him at the initial meeting forming the Club. Mark agreed to take on the function, on a one year interim basis. For 4 decades, with the help and understanding of his wife, Kathy, and son, Matthew, (both incredibly important Members of the Club), and with the very able assistance in particular of Al Moss and Kathy O’Donnell, Mark has managed to foster and move forward the diverse interests of our Membership, interface with the Town of Oakville on behalf of the Club, attended too many competitions to even begin to recall, fitted and sharpened more skates that he can recall, fundraised, and faced the challenges of dealing with the Association governing the sport. Over the decades, Mark has performed a vast array of varied tasks on behalf of the Club, and continues to do so. All Members of the Club regularly see and chat with Mark at the arena during our sessions and competitions. Mark has always said that the greatest benefit of being associated with the Club is having had the opportunity to meet interesting and dedicated people over the years, and being involved with children working hard to achieve their goals.
Mark is especially proud of the Club receiving Speed Skating Ontario’s Club of the Year Awards in 2022 and 2024.  Mark received the prestigious Town of Oakville’s Community Spirit Award, Sports Development Award in 2003, and was Elected as an Honoured Member of the Oakville Sports Hall of Fame in 2010 in the Builder’s Category.

Al MossAl Moss: Club Treasurer & Coach

A retired bank manager, Al Moss has been treasurer, coach and a competitive skater of the Oakville Speed Skating Club, for the past four decades. He is the club’s most experienced senior skater.



Kathy O'DonnellKathy O’Donnell: Club Registrar

Kathy became a member of the club through the involvement of her son Matt. She has always volunteered her time in some capacity with the club but has been the official registrar for four decades. Kathy keeps the club organized, helps in registering members, and collects and co-ordinates all meet information.