Competitions are divided into Competition Categories:  Regional Racing Program, Ontario Provincial Circuit and Ontario Elite Circuit.  The Regional Racing Program and The Ontario Provincial Circuit are divided by Zones.  Oakville is in the Western Region/Zone.  The Ontario Elite Circuit is Province Wide.

Here is the link to the Speed Skating Ontario’s Competition Page:

This page links you to all Information regarding Competitions, such as Racing Venue Information, Ranking Lists, Technical Bulletin, etc.

Regional Racing Program: For skaters aged 4-8 years of age.  They are 2-4 hours in length and racers race on the 100m track.  At the end of the season there is a one day Championship.  Given the limited number of hours of ice it is likely that the number of skaters participating in a meet will be limited and eligibility will be subject to available room.  It is also expected that Clubs will arrange Regional Meets throughout the winter and not necessarily be shown on the calendar at the commencement of the Season.  By way of example only, Oakville intends to run 3 Regional Meets in the upcoming season.

Ontario Provincial Circuit:  All Skaters aged 9 to 12 years of age and Skaters aged 13 -29 that do not meet time standards for the Elite Circuit, or who decline racing in the Elite Circuit.  There are 4 One Day meets per Zone/Region a Mid Season 2 day meet and the 2 day Provincial Year End Championship.  All 13 year old skaters race to participate in the Canada Youth Short Track Selection in the Year End Championship. Skaters are allowed to participate in one Eastern Provincial Meet if space is available.

Ontario Elite Circuit Competitions – Skaters aged 13-29 who meet the Elite time standard on the SSO Ranking List since August 1, 2022 and choose to race in the Elite Meets.  There are 3 Meets and 2 Ontario Time Trials.  There is a 2 day Elite Championship for skaters age 14-29 who meet the time standards.



Speed Skating Ontario is moving towards online Registration for Competitions.  Elite and Provincial Skaters Register by using the above link.

For Regional Skaters, your home Club will register you for a Competitions.   Occasionally other Clubs may chose to do online Registration.  Your Club will let you know how to Register for a particular Competition.  To view all the Regional Meets, please use the above link.

For every Meet, there is an Meet Information Sheet which outlines the date, time and place the meet will be held.  These are found on the above link, and the Club.  Our Club makes every effort to inform members when Competitions are occurring by posting them on our Club Calendar and at the Arena during skating practices.


The Oakville Speed Skating Club encourages all members to attend meets.

Whether you are in the Regional Series or Provincial Circuit, when attending a Competition, you must stay at the arena for the whole duration in order to not miss your races.  Races are grouped by their ability level, mixed gender.

Each competition has its own schedule and at times, may not be available until race day.  Speed Skating Ontario uses  “WhatsApp” for scheduling and changes to meets.

For Provincial Circuit meets skaters are required to wear a Certified Speed Skating Helmet.  For those members who do not have one, the Club has a supply to lend out for use during the Competition.