Competitions are divided into Competition Categories:  Club Mini Meets, Ontario Provincial Circuit and Ontario Elite Circuit.

Ontario Provincial Circuit Competitions – All Skaters who do not qualify to participate in the Ontario Elite Circuit Competitions participate in these Provincial Circuit Series Competitions.  These Competitions are divided by Region:  Western, Central and Eastern Regions.  Oakville is part of the Western Circuit Region.  Members are only guaranteed participation in Western Circuit Competitions, however, they can participate in other Regions if space is available.  To view a listing of all Ontario Provincial Competitions and Details regarding Each Competition Please Click –Regional

Ontario Elite Circuit Competitions – Skaters, through their position on the ranking list and age, qualify to attend these competitions. Skaters participate in meets that take place all over the Province of Ontario. To view a listing of all Ontario Elite Circuit Competitions and Details regarding each Competition, please click Elite

2019-2020 SEASON:

For the complete list of all competitions for the 2019-2020 season, click here.

Short Track Technical Bulletin:  The Ontario Speed Skating Association and Speed Skating Canada govern all rules and regulations in regards to competitions. To view this season’s Competition Criteria please click on the link: 2019 – 2020 Short Track Technical Bulletin

Ranking List:   After a Competition, whether it is a Regional or Elite, the Ontario Speed Skating Association posts a Ranking List of all Ontario Skaters.  This includes only the personal best times of each member who participated in a Competition with their respective distances raced.  Each member starts fresh at the beginning of each season.  To view the Ranking List, please click – Ranking

Occasionally the Oakville Speed Skating Club members participate in US Speed Skating Competitions.  To link to all of these websites, please click here.


When a Club hosts a meet, an information sheet about the meet is posted on the OSSA website.  The information sheet will list where the meet is being held, the date of the meet, the type of meet, the price of the meet, and the time the meet starts, a list of hotels available if needed, and any other pertinent information a person needs to attend the meet.

A member no longer needs to print off and fill in an Application Form.  The Club has to submit members into competitions 10 days in advance of the date of the Competition, that is why it is very important to submit your payment to the Club Registrar on or before the due date we post on our Club Calendar, so we have adequate time to submit all the necessary information by the Competition due date.  Please note, that our Club will not register a member for a Competition unless the payment has been received.

After all Clubs have submitted their members to the Provincial Registrar,  the hosting Club sets out the groupings and racing format. If time permits, we will post this information at the arena.


The Oakville Speed Skating Club encourages all members to attend meets.

Any person who competes must be members of our Two Associations – Speed Skating Canada and the Ontario Speed Skating Association. You register through an online program, named MAS.  Once you have decided to compete and have handed in your forms and payment, the Club will send you the instructions and link to register your child/children or yourself if racing.  This is a yearly registration and the fee for a first time Competitor is $100.00

A competitor must also possess their own speed skating number/helmet cover number.  Your club has a supply of these helmet covers and the number and cover is yours throughout a skaters speed skating career.  Fee for this helmet cover is $25.00

Another requirement is that competitors must wear a regulated speed skating Helmet. Our Club realizes that new members are not in possession of these helmets and has a limited supply of Club helmets that we attempt to make available to new members for their use at meets. All Club members are, however, encouraged to eventually purchase a racing helmet and are available for sale at Competitions.

LET’S GO RACING BROCHURE – A very informative and helpful brochure that answers every question a First Time Competitor will have: Types of Competitions, Where to Find Forms and Payments, Preparing for a Competition, What to Expect on Competition Day an Rules and Regulations and After a Competition.