Elite Series Provincial Championship, Gloucester, March 9 & 10, 2019

The Oakville Club knew it was sending a very strong and skilled Contingent of 21 Oakville Speedsters to the Elite Series Provincial Championship in Gloucester. But who knew just how Strong!

From a relatively modest Population Base that it draws from of Home Grown Club Skaters, the Oakville Speedsters took home an Incredible 8 Provincial Medals of the 21 that were available in the Groups that the Club had skaters Participating. 38% of the Medals in the Groups in which the Club had skaters Participating.

The Club Qualifying a full 16% of all skaters in the Meet alone is of itself a true Accomplishment.
An Accomplishment that has NEVER been Witnessed also Occurred – a Complete Podium Sweep of Aged Boys 11 Category.

Oakville Speedsters Medal Winners

Marcelo Giansante Gold Boys Age 11 – (Plus Provincial Time Records)

Izabella Zakatsiolo Gold Girls 12

Charlie Cotton Silver Boys 12

Aidan Taylor Silver Boys 11

Alex Giannotti Silver Junior B Men

Lee Deluca Bronze Boys 11

Zinnia Irwin Bronze Girls Age 12

Ainsley Little Bronze Girls Age 14

Four Additional Top 6 Placements

Tobenna Njoku 6th Boys 11

Camryn Rowsell 6th Girls 12

Helios He 4th Boys 13

Aaron Xie 5th Boys 14

The Club and its Coaches are entirely Confident that Andrew Liou – 14 year old skating up a Division in Junior B Men; Dania El Sammak in Open Women – but injured in the Canada Winter Games and Helios He All would have been Medal Favourites. Helios suffered Penalty calls on Saturday but on Sunday, Helios Dominated in the two Canadian Eastern Championship Qualifying Distances – the 200 Pursuit and the 3000 Point Race. The resolve, determination and ability of Helios to rebound should be a Beacon to all of our Club skaters. Accordingly, the Club could well have had secured 11 out of the 33 total available medals, or a full 33%.

A Terrific shout out to the following Oakville Skaters who were named to Team Ontario and Alternates for the upcoming Campbellton, New Brunswick, Canadian Eastern Championship: Izabella Zakatsiolo; Zinnia Irwin; Camryn Rowsell, Charlie Cotton; Helios He, Ainsley Little, Aaron Xie; Jaden Lo and Cyprien Petiteville.

Congratulations to Tobenna Njoku and Ian Craig on their first Elite Meet Appearance this Season. Both Ian and Tobenna fought their way through the Regional Series and Qualified on time standards and Gold Medal Performances in the Regional Series.

Last But Not Least – Race Coach Matt, your entirely Volunteer dedication, true knowledge, skill, preparation, strategies, guidance and Professionalism at the Meet and throughout the Season is Unequaled in this Province and likely Anywhere. The Results Achieved year after year after year speaks for themselves. All our Oakville Volunteer Coaches are responsible for and share in the true Accomplishments.

The Volunteer Non-Profit Nature of the Oakville Club makes it Accessible and Affordable to All who wish to Achieve their Potential. The Home Grown Skater Based Oakville Speed Skating Club will Never Operate on an Elite/High Cost Platform!!

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