Some of the equipment that is used in Speed Skating is mandatory. Below is a list of very accessible (any store that sells sporting equipment) and inexpensive list of Mandatory Equipment.


  • Speed Skates – owned or rented from the Club
  • Hard Shell Helmet
  • Bib Style Neck Guard
  • Cut Resistant Gloves
  • Soft Knee Pads
  • Soccer Shin Pads
  • Clothing that is snug to the body and snug to the ankles (elastic style sweat pants or leggings)
  • Kevlar Protective Undergarment – All Skaters who skate in our OSTRDP Program Groups will be required to wear a Kevlar Body suit under their skin suit.
  • Safety Glasses with straps
  • Kevlar Ankle/Calf Protection – purchased from Club at our cost of $18.00


  • Speed Skating Suit
  • Elbow Pads
  • Kevlar Protective Undergarment – worn under skin suits by members who skate at a high rate of speed (Only optional for beginner members)
  • Certified Speed Skating Helmet – must be worn in Competitions. – see below for details on how to purchase a Helmet.

Specialized Speed Skating Equipment:

Below are links of suppliers who sell Speed Skating Equipment:

Nagano Skates –

Devault –

Zt Sports –


Speed Skates are designed and built for efficiency, power and speed.  The most obvious difference of a speed skate is the length of the blade. The amount of rocker (curve in the blade) is much less than other skates.  This allows more blade to make contact with the ice.  The blades are also adjustable to assist in cornering.  The blades are flat and only 1/3 of the width of a hockey skate.  Many boots are also heat mouldable to fit a skaters ankle and provide better comfort.


Speed Skates require special care.  They are always sharpened by hand using a Specialized Jig, which the Club has for use by members.  The blades require care to ensure long life.  Please read the following Information Sheets on the proper care of your speed skates:



For practice sessions, members can wear any type of hard shell safety approved helmet, bicycle or hockey helmets (without the face cage, if possible) are accepted.

For competitions members must wear helmets that meet International Skating Union and American Rule Requirements.  The Club has a limited number of these required helmets for members competing at their first few meets.  Club members attending competitions are, however, encouraged to purchase their own racing helmet which are available for sale at Competitions. Racing helmets cost approximately $80.00 plus tax


The Oakville Speed Skating Club uses the supplier Nagano Skates for our Club Skin Suits.

At our skate fitting sessions in September, we get in “sizing suits” for members to try on before ordering.  At that time we will take orders for suits and full payment must accompany order.  Suits take 6 to 8 weeks for delivery.  The fee for suits change yearly.  A substantial discount is given because we order the suits in a “bulk order” .  This Bulk Order of Club Suits is only done once at the beginning of the  season, if members need a suit after our September Club Fitting, they will have to deal directly with our Club Supplier stated above.  To view our Club suits, please click here: Club Suit