Pre-Season Provincial Series Meet – Kitchener-Waterloo

Thirty Oakville skaters participated in the Pre-Season Provincial Series Meet in Kitchener Waterloo this past weekend.

Six medals were awarded to Oakville skaters including a gold medal win to Mathys Marois. Three silver medals were earned by Andrew Liou, Emilio Desousa, and Juan Quintero, and two bronze medal wins went to Cyprien Petiteville and Daniel Kim.

Top six placements were earned by Alina Santos, Emma Borca, Frank Feng, Siddaarth Khanna, Michael Borca, and Noah Waters.

Congratulations to Cyprien Petiteville who skated the 500m landmark distance in under 60 seconds for the first time: 58.91.

There were 7 members who competed for the first time at a competition: Aveline DeSousa, James Fan, Siddaarth Khanna, Jasmine Kim and Juan Quintero. Sam DeLuca and Emilio DeSousa competed in the regular stream of racers for the first time, not as cradle skaters.

Congratulations to all the skaters who competed and earned personal best times in their races.

Thank you to Coach Matt O’Donnell and Thomas Hinton for their time and dedication.

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