Since our Club’s inception in 1994, the Club has increased the number of members and we are now one of the largest and most successful Clubs in Canada.

Beginning members’, with or without skating experience, make great strides in a very short period of time learning the skills and technique of Speed Skating.  Through practice and games they gain confidence and skill in Speed Skating.

As a Recreational skater our members continue to fine tune their Speed Skating technique and increase their speed while practicing and participating in many of the Clubs’ races within their group, Club Mini Meets and out of town Competitions.

Our Competitive members strive for Personal Best times in their distances raced at either Regional Series or Provincial Series Competitions.  Their goal is to improve and fine tune their skating and racing technique which then allows them to increase their speed.

For our members who choose to compete, there are approximately 4 Regional and 4 Provincial Series Competitions in which for them to participate.  In the last several years the Oakville Speed Skating has registered more Club members in these Competitions than any other Club in the Province.

In order to be invited to compete at a Provincial Series Competition a skater is ranked on time in their respective Age Category.  Due to our Coach’s time and dedication, Oakville has qualified the largest number of competitors for these elite competitions.  As a result, Oakville members then continue to qualify the largest number for the Provincial Championship.  From the Provincial Championship, a large number of Club Skaters qualify to compete at the Canadian Junior Short Track Championship and The Canada East Championship.

Our Club is also very proud of 3 of our Alumni Members currently competing at the very highest level of Competition in the World the Short Track World Cup Circuit: Patrick Duffy, Ryan McAnuff and Sean McAnuff.

Our Club recognizes our members many accomplishments with an Awards Night and Banquet held at the end of each season.



Sub 60 Club:

Our Club recognizes and celebrates with a Celebration Cake shared with fellow Club Skaters when a member skate their 500m time under 60 seconds, or their 500m time under 50 seconds and their 500m time under 45 seconds, under 43 seconds and under 41 seconds.

Our Community Award Accomplishments:

Sports Hall Of Fame: 

Our Club President, Mark O’Donnell was awarded this Honour in 2010 under the Builder category for his developing and growing the Oakville Speed Skating Club.  Mark was recognized as a “home time hero” and “Mr. Speed Skating in Oakville” joined the elite athletes and volunteers for his years of service and dedication to the Sport of Speed Skating in Oakville.

Ryan McAnuff received a Athletic Sports Scholarship Bursary of $1000.00 from the Sports Hall of Fame in 2012.  Ryan is pursuing his Short Track Speed Skating while away at University.
Community Spirit Award:

Is an award given by the Town of Oakville to honour individuals of the community who help create a neighborhood or community where people feel a sense of belonging and responsibility to each other, and are active participants in its development.  Two of our members have received this award for their dedication and volunteer service given to the Oakville Speed Skating Club under the Sports

Development Award Category:  Allan Moss – Treasurer – 2006 and Mark O’Donnell – President – 2003.

Town of Oakville/Sports Oakville – Sports Recognition Award:

The Sports Recognition Award recognizes volunteers, coaches and athletes for their outstanding contribution to their sport.  These individuals demonstrate outstanding dedication in their capacity to Speed Skating.