Western Regional Meet #1 – Oakville

Western Regional Meet #1 – Oakville
November 12, 2017

51 Oakville skaters took advantage of racing on home ice at the Western Regional Meet #1 in Oakville this past Sunday earning Eight Medals and Eleven Top Six placements.

Gold Medals

Andrew Liou
Alicia Chang
Tobenna Njoku

Silver Medals

Kai Abdool
Abbey Little
Michael Borca

Bronze Medals

Helios He
Sam Deluca

11 Additional Top Six Placements

Izabella Zakatsiolo – 4th
Connor Waters – 5th
Ian Craig – 6th
Aaron Xie – 6th
Marcelo Giansante – 4th
Aiden Taylor – 5th
Aveline DeSousa – 4th
Emilio DeSousa – 5th
Tiffany Huang – 5th
Ryder Taylor – 6th
Isaac Nguyen- 6th

Congratulations to our first time Competitors and the terrific contributions to the Oakville Team:  Clara Edelman, Tiffany Huang, Isaac Nguyen (Age 6 – Placed 6th – The Five skaters that placed in front of Isaac were all 8, 9, and 10 years old), Tobenna Njoku (Gold Medal as well), Lucas Shi and Logan Urquhart.

Top Female Oakville Skater Performance at the Meet – Abbey Little.  Top Male Oakville Skater Performance at the Meet – Isaac Nguyen.

Great Performances by our Cradle Skaters:  Leo Waters, Allistair and Blythe Walker Coelho.

Thank you, Thank you, Thank you!!! to our Meet Coordinator Mike Giannotti and all of our Terrific Volunteers.

It takes many helping hands (“A Village”) to run a meet and Oakville can be very proud to say that it is able to host a meet with only having to secure 3 Outside Volunteers and these positions are held by Referees, Chiefs or Head Volunteers from the Association.

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