Rowan’s Law – Concussions

Letter to Club’s regarding Rowan’s Law July 1, 2019Rowan’s Law Regarding Concussions:‎

The Ontario Ministry of Tourism, Culture and Sports has put into effect Rowan’s Law which became effective as of July 1st. Rowan’s Law is a new procedure on how all Amateur Sports Organization informs members of the effect a Concussion can have on a person.
Any new Club Member for this season who registered after July 1st is required to review an age appropriate Concussion Awareness Resource and sign a Concussion Code of Conduct outlined by the Ontario Speed Skating Association.

Since the majority of our Club Members registered in March or before July 1st, we do not require the signed Code of Conduct for this Season, but will require it for next season. We just wanted to make our Club Members aware of this new Procedure and forms. We do, however, strongly recommend that you take the time to review the Age Appropriate Concussion Awareness Resource as it does contain valuable information regarding Concussions.

Below please find the Information Regarding Rowan’s Law that we Received from the Ontario Speed Skating Association:

Letter to Clubs regarding Rowan’s Law July 1, 2019

Ontario Regulations regarding Rowan’s Law (1)

Ontario Regulation Regarding Rowan’s Law (2)

Outline of Sport Organization Requirements

Concussion Awareness Resource ages 10 and under

Concussion Awareness Resource ages 11 to 14

Concussion Awareness Resource ages 15 and up

Concussion Code of Conduct – Athlete July 1, 2019

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