To learn about the Oakville Speed Skating Club and to assist in registering with the Club, please:

Please print and fill out completely the Application Forms (3 Pages) and the Appropriate Waiver Form – Under the Age of Majority or Over the Age of Majority form whichever form is applicable to the member registering.

Registration Forms are to be sent to our Club Email address which can be found at the top of the Application Form.  You can expect to receive a Response within 48 hours.

Payment is to be sent to our  Club Treasurer. For new members we will advise you as to the Club’s E Transfer Process

Registration Forms: 

Please note – Depending on your Family dynamics an Individual Waiver may need to be Completed for Certain Members.

Speed Skating Canada/Ontario Speed Skating Association Fees:

Any Person who participates in any on Ice Speed Skating Program in Canada must join our two Associations:  Speed Skating Canada (SSC) and the Ontario Speed Skating Association (OSSA).  You will be required to register your child/children/yourself in their Member Affiliation System – IceReg. The link to the 2024-2025 IceReg will be available in July.  All Members must be registered with these Associations before their first practice date.

Speed Skating Ontario has stated the following:
Sports Accident Insurance included with Individual Memberships
Sport Accident insurance covers individual skaters for such things as physiotherapy following an injury in SSO sanctioned training or an SSO sanctioned competition and after other benefit plans have been exhausted.  This insurance is included with Individual membership fees.

IceReg will require members to choose different Membership Categories depending on their level of participation in the Sport.  Our Club will send an email to help members choose which Category they fall under.  An Association Waiver, Concussion Code of Conduct Form, and Covid Waiver are part of the Membership requirements and are part of this Program for Members to sign.  You can view the Concussion Awareness Resources by clicking this link. Ontario Speed Skating – Concussions

This is a Yearly Membership which runs from Sept 1 to March 31 for SSC and Sept 1 to August 30th for OSSA. The Club will notify members when they are able to register for the current season.


The Oakville Speed Skating Club Offers Five Fun, Diverse and Exciting Programs



Our 2024-2025 Speed Skating Season Programs

Please note these days and times are what the Club anticipates that it will be allocated and are subject to change.


3:00 to 4:05 pm – Oakville Short Track Racing Program (OSTRDP)/Group 1

4:15 to 5:10 pm – Beginner/Learner to Speed Skate – 4 to 9 years of age

5:20 to 6:30 pm – Oakville Short Track Racing Program (OSTRDP)/Group 2

6:40 to 7:35 pm – Recreational and Introduction/Fundamentals of Speed Skating – 10 Years of Age (as of June 1st 2024) and up.

Mondays:   8:00 pm to 9:10 pm – Technical Development Program

We are attempting to get this Program to begin and end approximately one hour earlier

Tuesdays and Thursdays:

6:30 to 7:40 pm – OSTRDP/Group 1

7:50 to 9:10 pm – OSTRDP/Group 2


Beginner/Learn to Speed Skate

  • 4 to 9 Years of Age – Mixed Gender
  • One Day Per Week: Sundays only – 4:15 to 5:10 p.m.
  • Entire Season – End of September to the end of March.
  • Very Affordable Fee: $449.00 + Skate Rental $150.00

Recreational and Introduction/Fundamentals of Speed Skating – 10 Years of Age (as of June 1, 2024) and Up:

  • 10 Years of Age (as of June 1, 2024) and Up – Mixed Gender
  • One Day Per Week: Sundays only – 6:40 to 7:35 pm
  • Entire Season – End of September to the end of March.
  • Very Affordable Fee: $449.00 + Skate Rental $150.00 (if applicable)

Oakville Short Track Racing Development Program (OSTRDP):

  • Three Days Per Week – Mixed Gender
  • All skaters will Skate in one of the three Groups on Sunday, and in one of the Groups on Tuesday and Thursday Evenings
  • Spots Allocated by Coaches between the three available Sessions based on Age/Ability.
  • Fee: $1029.00 + Skate Rental $150.00 (if applicable)

Technical Development Program – (24 Skaters only)

  • A Program that focuses upon Developing Skating and Racing Technique
  • For 3 Days a Week OSTRDP Members – Mixed Gender
  • One Group based upon Ability/Age
  • Fee $429.00

Summer Speed Skating Program – This Program is Full

  • Tuesday and Thursday evenings – Mixed Gender
  • Two Groups – 7:00 to 8:05 and 8:15 to 9:10 pm
  • Beginning Tuesday June 18th to Sept. 26th (No Skating first week of Sept.)
  • Priority given to Club Skaters in our OSTRDP.
  • Fee $449.00

Skate Rental 

  • Boots and Blades – $150.00
  • Boots Only – $100.00
  • Blades Only – $75.00



  • Cash or Cheque (No Credit Cards)
  • Internet Payment – E Transfers – For Current Members please use the customary E Transfer Process.  For new members we will advise you as to the Club’s E Transfer Process

A Deposit of $200.00 is due with Registration for the 2024-2025 Season.  Please note this Deposit is NOT REFUNDABLE.

The Balance of Payment owed (less deposit) will be due on July 1, 2024.

All Paperwork as outlined above, and Payment must be received before a member is considered Fully Registered.

Any potential Refund following July 1, 2024, is at the Sole Discretion of the Club.

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Please contact Mark O’Donnell – 647-401 –1189 for any further Details