Race Results Provincial Series #3 Clarington

26 Oakville Speedsters braved the weather and took part in the third Provincial speed skating meet of the year in Clarington this past weekend.

Bronze medals were awarded to:

Nicole Vrazinovski
Alexander Giannotti
Tom Watson
Ian Welsby

Top-six placements were earned by:

Samuel Mathew
Dania El Sammak
James Nelson
Nicholas Kothleitner
Tiago Santos
Daniel Giannotti

Congratulations to Alex Giannotti and Dania El Sammak who both earned an ice cream cake for breaking the 50 second mark in the 500m race.

Alex broke the fifty with a time of 48.80 while Dania came in with a time of 49.84, the first 14-year-old girl in the Oakville Speed Skating Club to break the 50 second mark.

Andrew Xu also earned a cake for breaking the minute in the 500m with a time of 57.61.

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