Ontario Western Regional Circuit #4, Cambridge, March 2, 2019

32 Oakville Speedsters attended the Meet.
An Incredible 8 Medals were won by Speedsters

Michael Borca
Phillip Duko

Tiffany Huang
Jasmine Kim
Christopher Thorpe-Huang

Joanna Huang
Lucas Shi
Leya Salman

8 Additional Top Six Placement:
Emilio DeSousa – 4th
Sofia Quintero – 4th
Diyath Kannangara – 5th
Juan Quintero – 5th
Noah Waters – 6th
Daniel Kim – 6th
Dora Song – 6th
Jonathan Zheng – 6th

Congratulations to Drew Ramsay who Competed in her First Meet. Amazing Cradle Performances by Emmet Bourke – his first Meet Appearance and our Veteran Cradle Skater Noah Shi.
Thank you to Coach Emma, Kaiyu and Mark for your time and effort.

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