Western Regional Meet #1, Oakville, ON

Western Regional Meet #1, Oakville, ON

November 13, 2016

An Astounding 67 Oakville skaters participated in the first Western Regional Meet of the year in Oakville on Home Ice.

WOW- what performances and demonstrations of true skill, determination and ‎heart on Home Ice.

Gold medals were won by Ian Welsby, Alex Giannotti, Nyla Lee Santos, and Izabella Zakatsiolo.

Frank Feng, Aaron Xie, Adam Maynard, Emilio Desousa, and Jasmine Kim skated away with Silver medal finishes.

Bronze winners were Samuel Mathew, Andrew Liou, Siddaarth Khanna, Mathys Marois, Lee Deluca, and Juan Quintero.


The depth of the overall Club Achievement is further reflected by the fact that an Additional Twelve Speedsters earned top six placements: Daniel Giannotti, Dania El Sammak, Adam DeVellis, Alina Santos, Connor Waters, Nate Thompson, Judah Skinner, Emma Borca, Daniel Song, Daniel Kim, Liz Lee, and Christopher Feng.

Almost all of our Club skaters who participated had Personal Best Times in at least one distance raced.

We had 7 new excellent first time Competitors participate in this Competition:  Judah Skinner, Cameron Massel, Chiara Kothleitner, Will Craig, Alicia Chang, Hyunwoo Chang, and Justin Bitonte. The Club thanks you and your Family for your commitment to our Club Program.

Our three Oakville Club Cradle Skaters: Sam Brennan, Leo Waters and Paul Zakatsiolo‎ put on a terrific display of their up and coming talent.

Congratulations to our 3 new Sub 60 second 500 meter Club Members: Connor Waters – 58.16; Aaron Xie – 58.78; and Emma Borca – 59.71.  How exciting to skate their very first 500m time under 60 seconds on Home Ice!  We will celebrate their Achievement with Cake on Sunday, November 20th

Thank you, Thank you, Thank you!!!!

To our Meet Coordinators, Officials, Hospitality Room Persons, Timers, Judges, Coaches and all of our Volunteers-  Your Volunteer efforts and skill are second to none in the Ontario Speed Skating Community.

Thank you to Every Club Skater and Family who took the time and made the effort to support your Club- it is always greatly appreciated.

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